Health and Safety (Boating on Lough Melvin)

    Before Leaving:-

  • Check the weather, is there a small craft warning or are there gale force winds forecast?
  • Choose the right clothing for the length of time afloat.
  • Check that the boat is in good condition and has no water in it. Make sure that all seat- ing/thwarts are fixed to the boat and at least 100mm or 4 inches below the gunwales.
  • Have a good pair of oars and a pair of oarlocks/troll pins. Check that the engine is working properly. Always have enough fuel to cover all eventualities.
  • Have spare new spark plugs, emergency starter cord and a tool kit.
  • Make sure that somebody ashore knows where you intend fishing and when you are due back.
  • Have a charged mobile phone with you (Emergency No 999). Before boarding have everybody put on a life jacket or a personal flotation device suitable for their size.
  • Make sure that you have the necessary safety equipment aboard and that it is in good condition.
  • Exercise road safety issues with regard to the general public in the car parks at all times.

    When afloat:-

  • Use common sense at all times to avoid immediate danger. Take account of other persons or boats on the water.
  • All operations and movement on the boat should be governed by the prevailing wave and wind conditions.
  • Attach the kill cord if fitted to some part of your clothing. When under way do not leave an engine in gear unattended. Do not suddenly change position or lean over the side
  • Only one person at a time should change seats.
  • Should a line tangle the propeller row ashore to remove the obstacle.
  • When drifting near a shore or rocks start your engine in sufficient time.
  • If a person falls overboard get the person along side the boat and head for the shore or shallow water as quickly as practicable. Be aware of rotating propeller.
  • Should you fall overboard get to the boat, stay with it, hold on to it and if possible tie yourself to it. STAY WITH THE BOAT. If the boat is swamped or capsizes, always remain with the boat and if in cold water get as far out of the water as is possible. Get everybody to stay together and not to separate. STAY WITH THE BOAT.


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